​Updated June 24, 2021

Wirth Wellness

Midyear Goal Check

Can you believe that it's almost July already?   Back in January I wrote about setting attainable goals for yourself this year.  These goals ranged from starting new exercise regimens, working on assertive communication skills and challenging negative self talk with positive affirmations.  Whatever goal you set was your own.  Now that we're halfway through the year, from when we set New Year's Resolutions in 2021 and the time that we'll create resolutions again in January 2022, I thought it would be a good time to reflect and take inventory of where you are with your goals.

Have you started your new exercise plan?  Have you been more mindful of unhealthy reactions to stressful situations that you'd like to change?  In other words, can you identify steps you've taken in the direction you wanted to go back in January?  No matter how small a step you took, or even if you took a couple steps backwards, give yourself credit for making a goal and working towards it!

Change doesn't happen over night and it's easy to become frustrated when results don't come quickly in this 'instant gratification' world we seem to live in.  If you feel you're stuck or having trouble getting started working towards your goal, take a moment, relax, and see if you can write down what you feel is getting in your way or holding you back.  Once you've identified these issues you can begin dealing with them one at a time.  You can utilize the support of your friends and family, and remind yourself of your positive attributes and determination to help motivate yourself internally when you're by yourself. 

​Remember to give yourself credit just for having the desire to change something in your life to be healthier.  Once you've had the desire to change you'll soon find that your thoughts and actions will begin to change as well to meet your goal.  Stay strong, stay focused, be patient and encouraging with yourself and keep going!