Wirth Wellness

Mind, Body and Spirit.


What is your wellness worth to you? Do you take time to identify and address your Wellness needs?  What does Wellness mean?  To me the term "Wellness" means an overall sense of wellbeing and a healthy connection between mind, body and spirit.  Growing in education and self knowledge, being physically active up to your own level of ability, having a sense of hope and faith, and in my own beliefs, a connection to God.  I believe that these three elements make up who we are as a whole.  I also believe that each of these key elements need to be addressed in counseling as an individual grows in their life.  I've seen problems arise when individuals neglect one of these elements in their lives.  Someone can be of sound mind and exercise their body regularly, however, they may be missing a sense of peace and being centered that comes with nurturing the spirit.  Throughout my education, career and own life experiences, I've realized that these are the areas I want to help people grow in as they strive to live happy and healthy lives. Take a moment, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, "what area of my life do I need to address to enhance my wellness?"